• Welcome to BMS Choir! This is my second year at Brookwood, and I love teaching music. Choir is very unique compared to other subjects. We get to be creative and have fun while learning music. In the Choir program, we strive to teach our students to be trained and literate in all aspects of music. That includes daily bellringers and discussions of musical terms, rhythm reading and practice, ear training, etc. We want our students to be well rounded in their knowledge. We also perform throughout the year, having Winter and Spring concerts. These events are required and graded for all choir students. We also have optional events throughout the year, such as Tuscaloosa All County Honor Choir, All State Choir Festival, field trips, and more.

    Thank you!

    Rebecca Harris 

    Email: rgharris@tcss.net

    Phone: (205) 342-2748 ext. 3533