•                                                                                   Susie Morris
                                                                             art teacher and interventionist
    Flatwoods Elementary School is like a second home to me! I have taught with the Tuscaloosa County School system for twenty years and have spent 17 of those years at Flatwoods. I recieved my Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from the University of Al. in elementary education. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career as a teacher, and last year I had the opportunity to teach art, also! I now work as an interventionist and art teacher at Flatwoods. Art has always been my passion. It is a dream come true to be able to teach our students about famous artists,and art techniques while giving them the opportunity to explore their unique talents! I, also, have the opportunity to work with individual and small groups of students to aid in teaching them special strategies and skills to prosper their learning. Our school presents a wonderful atmosphere for students and teachers!