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    Welcome!! I am Beth Spradley, and this is my first year teaching life science at Davis Emerson Middle School. I am so excited to part of the C.H.A.M.P.S. community. This will be my fourth year teaching science, but my 7th year teaching. 

    I am married to Nick Spradley, and I have a son (Kyson, 9) and we have a daughter (Harper, 7). The final addition to our family was our cat, Noodle McSchnoodle, who is the family favorite! I love crafting, painting, making shirts, boating, coffee, chocolate, and llamas. 

    It is my goal that my students leave my class with a love for science and a desire to explore the world around them!


        Noods    Kyson and Harper    Harp and Ky    Schnoods