March 5, 2021 - Counseling Resources Available to Our Students

  • March 5, 2021


    Dear TCHS Students,

    We know many of you are very sad over the passing of one of our TCHS students. We want to make sure you know we have a crisis team here at the school through fourth period today, and counselors and social workers will be available all day. We encourage you to come talk with someone about how you may be feeling right now. This opportunity is open to our remote students, as well. If you are not on campus today and would like to speak with someone, please call the school and choose the selection for the counselor's office. As we go into the weekend, another free resource available to everyone is a Crisis Text Line.  To contact someone for help, Text “Connect” to 741741.


    Mr. Williams and TCHS Counseling/Social Work Team