• Welcome to Modern Manufacturing at the Northport Career Tech Annex at Tuscaloosa County High School.


    My name is Laura Boothe-Peffer. I am a graduate of TCHS and The University of Alabama. I am a third generation TCHS graduate and have a deep love for this school. My husband is also a TCHS graduate and is a firefighter at a local department here in Tuscaloosa County.


    Before becoming the Modern Manufacturing teacher at NCTA I was a Human Resources and Training Manager in the manufacturing industry. I decided to leave industry to try to bridge the gap between students in highschool and adults in the workforce. I am excited to bring my knowledge and experience to my students in hopes that I can help make them successful members of the workforce upon graduation.


    The Modern Manufacturing program will provide them unique opportunities to learn about the manufacturing processes and the soft skills needed to suceed in our area industries.


    Work for our class is completed through Schoology. Please check there for updates often. If you are a parent and need a Parent Code, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    The easiest way to reach me is by phone or email (lbpeffer@tcss.net). My prep period is from 11:47am-1:04pm.