• My name is Lori Lash and I’m proud to be a Holt Ironman. I am from Massachusetts, and started my career as a middle school substitute teacher two years ago. I was given the opportunity to work alongside teachers that had once taught me, and that I had always looked up to. They mentored me and helped develop my passion to become the best substitute I could possibly be. I was fortunate to continue this journey in Alabama. Initially, I was most interested in becoming a math teacher, however after working at Holt High School in special education, I found my calling. While this is my first year working as a Special Education Paraeducator, I look forward to the future working at Holt High School.

    Working in Special Education is amazing. I enjoy being someone the kids can look up to, like my role models of the past, and helping them to further develop their skills and foster their enjoyment for education. The excitement they get in their eyes when they learn something new will never get old.

    Outside of Holt, I have two amazing dogs; Loki is my chihuahua that I've had for 10 years, and I recently rescued a senior black lab named Mary. I value family and enjoy visiting them in both Florida and Massachusetts. My hobbies include fishing, hiking and beach days!