•  McDonald
    Lucas McDonald

    Phone: 342-2800
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    Subjects Taught
    AP Biology  AP Environmental Science


    Graduated High School from WCHS, 1998

    Degree from the University of Alabama in Comprehensive Science, 2003

    Master's Degree at UWA, 2007


    This is my 17th year at HCHS

    I know pretty much everything about teaching at this point.


    Hello, I am a graduate of the University of Alabama. I am from Double Springs, a small town in Northwest Alabama, where I've helped on the family farm tending pigs and cows since I was old enough to walk. My dad and I went on a hiking trip out West in 2005 and almost got killed by an avalanche in Oregon's Crater Lake. I've visited 47 states (Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Delaware are still on the list).  I also spent 18 days backpacking through Europe. I had to spend a night outside a train station in Prague with the homeless and got locked on a train in Venice. I've hunted on safari in Africa and spent 3 weeks doing research in Ecuador. I've taken students to Costa Rica on two occasions for Eco tours. I have carried two groups to the Florida Keys snorkeling. In 2016 I travelled to Northern Queensland, Australia where my wife and I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, explored the Daintree Rainforest, and traversed the inland area called the tablelands. I have a lot of experiences to draw from and I'm sure you will hear more about them if you have my class.

    I sponsor the Environmental Club and Fellowship of Christian Students. Teaching is a considerable joy for me. The leaders of tomorrow are amazing kids with potential and talent in various fields. If you have questions for me don't hesitate to call or set up an appointment, I am more than willing to talk about any concerns that parents or students may have.


    Thanks for visiting my site and have a great year!!!