• We represented our Adopt a School partner, Alabama Power, in the 4th Annual Strike Out Suicide event.  This is the second year that our students participated in this community fundraiser.


    Our students know how important literacy is and we wanted to make sure that people in our community had access to books.  We started a Little Free Library in front of our school and we keep it stocked with books for all ages, as well as books in Spanish for our Hispanic community.  We know that it is important to serve everyone.  Stop by sometime and pick out a free book and sit and read for a while on our bench that our students put together.


    We feel that it is important to open our doors for the community to come and help our students out.  They learn the importance of giving back while seeing the impact that it makes on their own lives.  Every year during our Back To School Bash, we invite local barbers to come and offer free haircuts to our students.  This helps our students feel Confident as they return to school on the first day.


    Our students volunteered at one of our feeder schools to help them put on their annual Valentine's Day Ball.  They helped them setup and serve at the event.  Our CHAMPs know that it is important to support our future CHAMPs.


    Part of community service is giving back to our own school community by learning skills where we can make a Positive difference.  Our students have learned how to take recycled materials to make things such as benches and planters that we have have used to make our school a better place for everyone.  Stop by the school and take a break at one of our benches and enjoy the landscaping that our students help us upkeep.

Making Our Community Better One Project At A Time!

  • At Davis-Emerson, we strive to be CHAMPS each and every day and that means that we need to display those character traits inside and outside the classroom.  Each year our Houses and classes work on community service projects to help show our students that everyone matters.


    Libby Listens from the Humane Society came to talk with our students about caring for animals and how we can teach others in our community the importance of taking care of their animals.


    Our students created door decorations for a local nursing home for Saint Patrick's Day.


    Our students made over 200 Valentine's Day Cards that were delivered to Forest Manor Nursing Home.


    Our CHAMPs support each other inside and outside the classroom.  Some of our students volunteered to help our Special Olympics team prepare for the event and be their peer partner during the competition.



    Our students felt the need to give back to our families because they give so much to us.  With the help of the faculty and staff, we were able to collect enough items for our Santa Shop where each student was able to pick out one free present that they got to give to someone special in their life.  Our students ran the shop, wrapped all the gifts, and delivered them to the person that picked them out.  They wanted to make sure that their loved ones knew they were special and they all learned the Positive impact that a simple gesture can make.


    Our community, along with our sports teams, and faculty volunteer over the summer to create a welcoming environment for our students.  We have painted hallways, bathrooms, decorated the Cafe, created an outdoor dining area, and painted murals that show our CHAMPs touchstone.  Each year we strive to make improvements so everyone who walks into our building feels like they are at home.