• Week 2! We are making it! We continue to miss you guys so much!


    Your instructions for receiving your science assignments online are the same and as follows:

    Go to clever and click on your science period. (7.1, 7.3,7.5,7.6 or 7.7)

    This will take you to canvas where you will need to login.

    Your weekly assignment will be on your canvas homepage. Follow the directions there to complete your work. Remember to put in your first name and last initial when doing edpuzzle and quizizz. My email address is csatchison@tcss.net if you have questions. I will be available to take phone calls on Tuesdays from 8:30-11:30 for any additional questions. Simply call the school and ask for Mrs. Atchison during that time.

    Love you guys,

    Mrs. Atchison