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2019 Prom

Prom 2019 

General Information about Prom 2019


  • Theme-A Night in Hollywood
  • Date-Friday, April 5, 2019
  • Location-Brookwood High School gym. Light refreshments and punch will be available throughout the evening.
  • Time-Prom lasts from 8:00-11:00 PM. Lead-out of class officers and presidents of BHS clubs and organizations will be at 9:00, with the Prom King and Queen being crowned later in the evening. Students may begin checking into the Prom through the gym entrance at 7:30.
  • Prom Tickets-Because participation in extracurricular activities is limited to currently enrolled students, all students must purchase Prom tickets for themselves and their guests in advance of Prom night. No tickets will be sold at the door. On Prom night, only student ticketholders and their guests will be admitted into the Prom area.
  • Dress Code-The attire of all student ticketholders must follow the guidelines listed below. Anyone who arrives inappropriately dressed will not be admitted to Prom. If you have a question about whether a garment is permissible, check with an administrator before the night of Prom.
  • All students’ attire must be appropriate for a formal evening high school function.
  • Full length dresses are encouraged, but not required. All dresses must be appropriate in length, which means that slits in long dresses, asymmetrical hemlines, and hemlines of shorter dresses can be no higher than mid-thigh. The top portion of all dresses as well as the back must not be too low-cut. Sheer fabric covering cut outs is permissible. “Onesies,” short jumpsuits, or any other garments that have detachable skirts are unacceptable. 
    All of the guidelines listed above apply to formal pantsuits as well.  
  • Tuxedos, suits, or sports coats worn with a collared shirt, tie, and dress slacks are appropriate attire.  Students are not allowed to wear unbuttoned shirts or to remove their shirts. 
  • Army Dress Blues are appropriate attire for JROTC cadets. ​ 
  • Any students displaying inappropriate attire will be asked to leave. The principal or his/her designee has the authority to determine inappropriate or unacceptable dress and, when necessary, to take disciplinary action. (from p. 50 of the 2018-2019 TCSS Parent-Student Information Guide)
  • Arrivals and Departures- When you arrive, you (and your date, if you have one) will sign in at one of the check-in tables, give your Prom ticket to a Prom sponsor, and enter the Prom area. For safety reasons, students are not allowed to leave and re-enter the Prom area after checking in, so make sure you do not forget anything you need to have with you. You will sign out at the same table when you leave.

 Remember that the BHS Prom is a school function. For this reason, all Tuscaloosa County Board of Education rules and policies are in effect.

Attending Prom and Bringing a Date

Paying for Prom Tickets

  • The following ticket prices will be in effect in the weeks leading up to Prom:
    • Until Friday, March 22, tickets cost $45.00 each.
    • From Monday, March 25, until Friday, March 29, tickets cost $55.00 each.
    • From Monday, April 1, until Thursday, April 4, tickets cost $75.00 each.
    • 9th and 10th graders are only allowed to attend prom if they have been approved as the date for a junior or senior.
    • Tickets sold online will be slightly discounted.


  • The last day to purchase a Prom ticket is Thursday, April 4. Do not wait until the last minute to purchase a ticket! No exceptions to any of these deadlines will be made, even if a student is absent on the day of a deadline.
  • Mrs. Copen and Dr. Gibbons are the only people who will be selling Prom tickets. At the beginning of first period, Mrs. Copen (B-202) will sell tickets, and at the beginning of second period, Dr. Gibbons (room B-140) will sell tickets.
  • All sales are final on Prom tickets. Because we do not issue refunds for tickets, we encourage all students to insure plans with dates and friends are final before purchasing their tickets.


The Date Approval Process

  • If your date is not a BHS Junior or Senior, you must complete the date approval process and have an approved Prom Date Request Form to give to Mrs. Copen or to Dr. Gibbons to be allowed to purchase a ticket for your date. (The date approval process must be completed for dates who are BHS Freshmen and Sophomores as well.)

(1) If your date attends or has graduated from another school, an administrator from that school must fax a Good Standing Report to BHS. Good Standing Reports will be available from Mr. Fitzpatrick in the lunchroom during fifth period. All dates must be under age 21.

(2) If your date is a BHS Freshmen or Sophomore or attends or has graduated from another school or is in a home school program, you must fill out a Prom Date Request Form according to the instructions and turn it in to Mr. Fitzpatrick, who will verify the information and approve or reject your request. Prom Date Request Forms will be available from Mr. Fitzpatrick in the lunchroom during fifth period.

(3) Several days after the Good Standing Report (for non-BHS students) and completed Prom Date Request Form have been submitted, you will pick up your Prom Date Request Form from Mr. Fitzpatrick in the lunchroom. Remember that Mr. Fitzpatrick will require several days’ time to contact telephone references, so do not ask for your form until enough time has passed for him to do this. Because of the time required for contacting telephone references, Mr. Fitzpatrick will not accept last minute Prom Date Request Forms.

  • Because the information on the Prom Date Request Form must be verified, it is essential that you write legibly and provide accurate information. Double check the phone numbers before turning in your form! Failing to follow instructions on the Prom Date Request Form regarding the copy of the date’s picture ID or submitting inaccurate information will result in your Prom Date Request Form being delayed or rejected.
  • If your date is approved, you will bring your approved Prom Date Request Form to Mrs. Copen or to Dr. Gibbons when you pay the fee for your date’s ticket. You must have your Prom Date Request Form approved by Mr. Fitzpatrick in order to purchase a ticket for any date who is not a BHS Junior or a Senior.



Purchasing Formal Prom Portraits

  • The Lifetouch photographer will be taking formal pictures. Payment must be made on Prom night when the pictures are taken. Pricing information will be displayed outside of Ms. Humphreys’ room (B-132). From 7:00 until 10:30 P.M. on Prom night, students may have portraits made on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Portraits will be mailed to the school; however, senior students will need to provide correct mailing addresses in the event that the pictures arrive after Graduation.


Voting for Prom King and Queen

  • The week before Prom, Seniors will nominate and then vote for the Prom King and Queen. The BHS administration will screen the academic and disciplinary records of all nominees prior to the names being placed on a ballot.


Severe Weather Plan and Guidelines

  • Our guiding principle is to promote the personal safety of our students, faculty, and staff during severe weather events, yet it is impossible to develop policies which anticipate every weather-related emergency. However, because springtime in Alabama offers the potential for tornadic activity, we have developed the following plan in anticipation of severe weather that could develop on the date of Prom:
    (1) The BHS administration will monitor the long-range forecast in the days preceding Prom. If, as was the case in April 2011, the National Weather Service issues predictions of dangerous tornadic activity in the days preceding the Prom date, our event will be cancelled and re-scheduled for the Friday that follows the original Prom date, provided that the results of the emergency situation permit this. If our school facility is not usable, we will look for another venue or refund the purchase price of the tickets.
    (2) If a severe weather situation develops on the day of Prom, we will attempt to use all available means of communication, which may include the School Messenger system, the BHS website, and the local media. Students and parents should monitor the local media for weather updates.
    (3) If a tornado warning (tornado has been sighted or detected by radar; sirens activated)  is issued during the Prom, students and BHS employees will take shelter in the tornado safe room located across from the gym in the BHS Fine Arts Wing and Prom will resume once the National Weather Service cancels the warning.

Getting Answers to Additional Questions

  • BHS administrators (Mr. Bray, Ms. Hubbard, and Dr. Marshall) as well as Prom organizers (Dr. Gibbons, Ms. Copen, Ms. Crutchfield) will answer any questions you may have.


Important Reminders

Remember the following:

(1) Absolutely no payments will be accepted and no new tickets will be issued after Thursday, April 4.

(2) Prom tickets cannot be purchased at the door on Prom night. On Prom night, only student ticketholders and their guests will be admitted into the Prom area.

(3) Prom fees will not be refunded, regardless of the reason for the request.

(4) BHS students and/or their guests whose attire violates the Prom dress code will not be admitted.

(5) The BHS Prom is a school function. For this reason, all Tuscaloosa County Board of Education rules and policies are in effect.

(6) Any ticketholder who is denied admittance or asked to leave due to a violation of the Prom dress code or any other part of the TCSS Student Code of Conduct will not receive a refund.