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Nurse Kitchen Support Letter

Hello All!

First, I cannot tell you how much I miss all of our students now that our school year has come to an abrupt end. As we do what we can to flatten the curve with our physical distancing plan, just know that you all are in me and my family’s prayers every night!


Medication pick up is scheduled for Monday May 11th -Tuesday May 12th from 8-10 AM.  Please note that any medications left after Tuesday May 12th will be discarded.  No exceptions.  This date may be changed depending on what may come due to the Covid-19 crisis.  If so, we will update the dates on this newsletter.


Lastly, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any health concerns, or issues with supplies you may have.  I will work with you on getting what you need. Please remember to contact your doctor or Physician for health services/ concerns. Though I cannot offer any medical advice, I can help connect you and your children with any resources or be a liaison between you and your physician/ pharmacist during this period if you are having any difficulties.


You can contact me via email at or leave a voicemail at 205-342-2884 ext 5.


Please remember to stay safe and wash your hands!


In Health,

Nurse Kitchen