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From the 9th & 10th Grade Counselor

 Make the Beginning of your High School Years Successful!
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HIGH SCHOOL SUCCESS..................Helpful Hints.................
1.  Get Involved: There are a number of clubs and organizations that should appeal to just about everyone.  Find a place to plug in.
2.  Monitor grades and attendance:  Your high school transcript and GPA will follow you the rest of your life.  Get off to a great start.  If you start to struggle, ask for help!
3.  Learn how to engage your soft skills.  Be a problem solver, communicate effectively, find the adults who can help you succeed.  We're all here to help.
4.  Set up a homework station at home that is has plenty of lighting, is quiet, and where you can work at the same time each day.  Make a habit - one that will ensure your success.
5.  Find peers to form study groups with......this is a great way to study and quiz each other.
6.  Again, ask for help if needed.  We have peer tutors and after school tutoring at no cost.