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How can I join PTSO? Fill out the membership form. Print your completed form, and place it in an envelope along with membership dues. Turn in forms and dues

to Mr. McKight (the HHS Bookkeeper). 

What is PTSO? The HHS PTSO’s mission is to encourage, support and facilitate communication and collaboration between Parents/Guardians, Faculty/Staff/Administration, and Students at HHS.  The organization encourages all HHS families, students, faculty, administrators and community members to become involved in making HHS a successful, honorable, cohesive, accepting and exciting institution! Please join us!

When will PTSO meet? PTSO Meeting:  Tuesday, September 11, at 5:30 PM in the HHS Library

Want to be involved?  Questions?  Concerns?  PLEASE JOIN US!!
How can I join PTSO? We would love to have you join the PTSO!  We appreciate whatever level of commitment you can make - from being on the Board,  to helping when you can, or simply trusting us to put your Membership fees to good use (We will! ** See list below**).  If you have not joined but would like to, you can  1.) Print the Membership Enrollment form that is on the website.  2.) Place the completed form and cash or check in an envelope labeled “PTSO Membership c/o Mr. McKnight”.  3.)  Turn the envelope in to the office to be forwarded to Mr. McKnight, the HHS Bookeeper.  
How can I receive PTSO updates? To hear the latest from PTSO, join the PTSO 2018 Remind Group by texting:  @hhsptso2   to the number:  81010
PTSO Spirit Points Membership Drive September 5 - September 26!!  Spirit Points will be awarded to your class when an Individual or Family PTSO Membership is purchased!!  (Don’t worry:  PTSO Members who have already purchased a 2018-2019 Membership will receive retroactive credit!). Join up now and get those SPIRIT POINTS!!  GO, PATS!!
**How does PTSO help Hillcrest?**
PTSO contributes to Hillcrest by annually supporting the following events: Four Teacher Appreciation Events, Teacher Back-to-School and End-of-Year Luncheons, Student of the Month Breakfasts, ACT Snacks for Juniors, Honoring HHS Teacher of the Year and Jacksonville State Hall of Fame Nominee, and Homecoming Fundraising.
Additionally, PTSO has awarded $15,000 in Teacher Grants 2015-2018 for the following:
-Texas Instruments Conference for two math teachers
-Props for Shrek the Musical
-Agri-Science School Beautification Project
-Music Library Grant
- AED Devices
-White Boards
-Manipulatives to enhance tactile learning for the Self-Contained Classroom
-LED lighting
-Software licenses-TI Inspire calculators for math teachers
-Chimes for the Adaptive Ensemble
-Science Club rockets, fuel cars, and robots
-Refurbishing faculty workrooms
-Headphones for online library Book Share for special education students
-Table for Courtyard
-Equipment for Robotics course
-Spectrum Tube Power Supply for the science department
-Stock Market Registration for 24 teams
-Chimes - sharps and flats
-Umbrellas for Courtyard
-Nikon camera for the yearbook staff
-Charging tower and shelving unit for the library
-Registration for the National Peer Helper Conference