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**Check in/Check out Policy Update: Effective January 2018**

  1. If you have not completed INFO Snap this year, your student will not be able to check out or check in excused until it is completed. Please see the front office for more information.

  2. Starting in January 2018, we will no longer check any students out after 2:45 daily. If your student needs to check out, he or she will need to be in the office by 2:45. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

  3. ½ of the school day is 11:40. If a student checks out before 11:40, they are considered to have had an “ALL DAY ABSENCE.” Once a student has FIVE “ALL DAY ABSENCES” EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED, they are put on a five-day list and are only excused if they bring in a doctor or legal excuse. Being on the five-day list means that a student cannot bring a note into the office to check out/check in, and a parent will have to come in to check them out/in. It will also be unexcused until a doctor or legal excuse is brought in. Students have 2 days to bring this in. This also includes checkouts on exam days. Please check the attendance policy in the student handbook if you have questions or contact the front office.