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Support Students Through Neighborhood Bridges

Neighborhood Bridges Tuscaloosa County shares kindness and meets needs of students and families in the Tuscaloosa County School System. 

Through technology and social media, Neighborhood Bridges creates a “bridge” that connects community resources with children and families in need. 

The counselor(s) at each school in the Tuscaloosa County School System is the school’s Neighborhood Bridges “advocate.” When a counselor becomes aware of a student need, such as clothing or shoes, the counselor posts the need on the Neighborhood Bridges web site. Needs remain anonymous, and no names or specific schools are listed.

To see needs posted to the Neighborhood Bridges web site, become a subscriber. Visit the Neighborhood Bridges Tuscaloosa County web site and enter and confirm your email address. Subscribers receive an email each time new needs are posted. 

When a subscriber wishes to meet a need, they will click “I Can Help.” The donor purchases a new item to meet the need and takes it to one of four designated drop-off sites: TCSS Central Office in Downtown Tuscaloosa, the PARA Bobby Miller Activity Center, the PARA Faucett Brothers Activity Center, or the PARA Jerry Tingle Activity Center. Neighborhood Bridges then facilitates pickup of the item and delivery to the school. The school counselor who was first aware of the need will make sure the student receives the item.

Neighborhood Bridges Tuscaloosa County has been established through funding and support from the Tuscaloosa Education Foundation and Tuscaloosa County Commission. Tuscaloosa County PARA is providing drop-off locations across Tuscaloosa County, which is highly beneficial in reaching donors in all areas of our county. 

Neighborhood Bridges is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, launched in January 2017, to respond to poverty in suburban and rural America. The organization began in Ohio and was founded by Rick Bannister. Since then, Neighborhood Bridges has grown to communities throughout Ohio and Alabama.

Visit or search Neighborhood Bridges Tuscaloosa County on Facebook for more information.