Report Card

Remarks Regarding the 2017-2018 Alabama State Report Card for Walker Elementary

Prepared by: Marsha Johnson, Principal


On December 28th the State of Alabama released scores for the State Report Card.  The Tuscaloosa County School System received an overall score of 77.  Walker Elementary received an overall score of 77, a drop of 8 points below the 2016-2017 score of 85.  The 2016-2017 score was based on the results from the State Assessment, ACT Aspire.  The 2017-18 score is based on results from the State Assessment, Scantron.


The 2017-18 score is a composite of a Reading/English score of 73 and a Math score of 79 (Academic Achievement), a Reading/English score of 78 and a Math score of 70 (Academic Growth), and a Chronic Absenteeism (students who are absent 15 or more days – excused/unexcused – per year) score of 13/15. 


Steps of Improvement:

  • Our teachers are receiving additional professional development through a partnership with AMSTI. Math specialists meet with our teachers for half-day planning every nine weeks.  These specialists also co-teach, provide support in strengthening instruction of the math standards, and meet with our teachers on a weekly basis.
  • Our teachers are receiving half-day coaching and additional professional development with our Instructional Partner who specializes in the English Language Standards. The Instructional Partner also co-teaches, provides strategies and identifies next-steps for students who struggle with foundational and comprehension skills of reading.
  • Additional reading and math teaching materials have been purchased with our Title I funding.


Scores from the 2018-19 Scantron benchmark assessments have already shown improvement in reading and in math scores.  This is expected to be the trend for our spring assessment which will result in a higher score for the 2018-19 State Report Card.