Summer Resources

2020 Alabama Summer Learning Challenge

For an exciting eighth year, ALSDE has partnered with some of the country’s leading education organizations to “minimize the summer learning slide.”


The 2020 Alabama Summer Learning Challenge is being held May 18 until July 31. There are “tons” of FREE learning resources for students to use.


Alabama parents now have access to many great online resources, which can help continue their child’s learning and skill building throughout the summer – while they are away from the classroom:


  • Big Universe - 18,000+ eBooks and essential literacy tools
  • Lexile and Find a Book Alabama – Customizable book-search tool, which allows students to build fantastic individual-reading lists
  • Stride - Cool blend of online math, reading, language arts, and science practice for every student interest
  • Fuel Education – Great personalized learning activities for all students!
  • MetaMetrics and Quantile are presenting the 2020 Summer Math Challenge!
  • Learn at Home with Alabama Public Television (APT) – great education resources and videos
  • Local and Statewide Library Media resources
  • Many more summer learning resources for students and parents to use!


The 2020 Summer Learning Challenge webpage is located at