Important Information About the Flu and Ways to Prevent

Flu Season is HERE! 

This information is from the county board to all of our Brookwood family.  We encourage ALL pf you  to wash your hands for at-least 20 seconds, while creating friction with hands (See link for hand washing tips - We also encourage ALL to cover coughs and sneezes thoroughly with the bend of the arm/ elbow and to avoid water fountains, which can often be a breeding ground for germs.

If your child has a fever, please do not send him or her to school.  Also, if you experience any flu-like symptoms, please consult with your physician.  We hope that this will help to quell the spread of germs and keep the flu at bay for all of us.

Below is "A Message from Your School Nurse":

Letter from School Nurse on Flu page 2 Letter from School Nurse on Flu

Thank you.