9 Weeks Exams

Our Nine-week Comprehensive exams will begin next week. The schedule below is for exams to be given during normal scheduled class time. If you choose to use an alternate assessment such as portfolios, products, performances, research papers, or projects; the assessment may take multiple days to complete. Makeup exams will be given the week of October 10th -12th. 


Exams will not exceed 20 percent of the nine weeks grade. The exam may be a lower percentage if desired.


The schedule for the exams will be as follows:


Wednesday 10/3         - Elective and P.E. classes

Thursday 10/4             - Math and Science classes

Friday 10/5                  - English and History classes


Required Examinations: Comprehensive assessments for all middle school students are administered at the end of each nine weeks.  Written examinations or other assessment techniques that measure student mastery of the nine weeks content may be used.  Assessments may include portfolios, products, performances, research papers, or projects. Nine-week assessments should count no more than twenty (20) percent of the nine- week grade.  The term grade will be determined from the average of the two nine-weeks’ grades.