Maxwell Elementary State Report Card Information

Maxwell Elementary State Report Card Information

Prepared by: Dr. Ira Sullivan, Principal


On December 28th the State of Alabama released scores for the State Report Card The Tuscaloosa County School System received an overall score of 77. Maxwell Elementary received an overall score of 74. The 2016-2017 score was based on the results from the State Assessment, ACT Aspire. The 2017-2018 score is based on results from the State Assessment, Scantron.


The 2017-2018 score is a composite of a Reading/English score of 59 and a Math score of 72 (Academic Achievement), a Reading/English score of 76 and a Math score of 77 (Academic Growth), and a Chronic Absenteeism (students who are absent 15 or more days- excused/unexcused- per year) score of 13.33/15.


Steps for Improvement:

 * All teachers are receiving Guided Reading training from our Reading Interventionist and Reading Instructional Partner. They will learn the components of a lesson and will build an understanding of responsive teaching throughout each component. They will also learn how to use high-quality texts to support responsive teaching.

* Teachers and staff members will continue to meeting in professional learning communities on a weekly basis to focus on three things: A) Ensure that students are learning, B) Create a culture of collaboration, and C) Focus on results.

* Use formative data obtained on a periodic basis such that instructional changes may be made as needed. Students who are struggling must be identified early and appropriate interventions applied. Students who are higher achievers need to be challenged and presented with enrichment and extension learning activities.

* Strengthen efforts with parents to assure that students attend school, on time and all day, every day that is possible. Parents are key partners in this effort!

* Provide high quality professional development to enhance teachers’ abilities in instructional strategies and student engagement.