Kindness Book Competition

We are excited to announce the winners of the Kindness book competition. These students will have their page published in Englewood's book about kindness. Kendall Brown, Macie Bonneville, Christina Babin, Kylie South, Callie Payton, Ava Nicholson, Dylon Kimbrough, Addision Large, Malia Nicholson, Sophie Dao, Joanna Lee, Trace Swindle, Emerson Lee, Ausurian Square, Nikko Harcrow, Lillie Speight, Aaiden Burnside, Alanna Stabler, Julissa Alvarez, Hallie Kate Nail, Caroline Neill, Kylee Bailey, Kloe Scott, Cameron Lewis, Berkley Davis, Ashley Peterson, and Dylan Wallace...If you would like to order a book, please see Mrs. Gibson for an order form or visit this website below. Those who have a page in the book have an order form coming home today. Congrats, to these students! Please list Gibson as the teacher. All entries and orders due February 28.