July 6, 2020-Letter to Westwood Families


 July 6, 2020


Dear Westwood Parents, Families, and Guardians,


I hope this letter finds your families well. Several of you have reached out about concerns, questions, and other various topics regarding the start of school, supply lists, etc. The Coronavirus pandemic continues to create an insurmountable amount of unknown questions and concerns. I, too, have many questions and concerns. This letter is to update you on where the TCSS and Westwood Elementary currently stand.


The ALSDE has published the Roadmap to Reopening Schools that is available on the www.alsde.edu website. The TCSS is in the planning phases of determining what the specifics will be for our August 20, 2020 reopening. From there, the Westwood Leadership Team will collaborate and develop specific plans to ensure your children are safe and able to receive the best instruction we can offer. It is my understanding we will have physical school as well as digital learning options. At this time, I am unable to provide specifics in regards to either. I can assure you the way we knew school before will definitely look different. We will get through this together!


Several parents have reached out in regards to supply lists. Thank you for your continued commitment to your children and what they need for the best learning experience. All teachers in the building have pooled together their surplus of supplies to ensure we can minimize our requests this upcoming year. We are still accepting donations that will further decrease the items on our lists. We are hopeful school supply lists will be posted to the Westwood Elementary School website the week of July 13th. If you are unable to purchase school supplies this year, need not worry, we will ensure each student and classroom has the items needed.


Thirdly, we are most excited about welcoming new faces into our PK and Kindergarten classrooms. In the next few weeks, we will be sharing our dates for paper registration. If you have not completed the Infosnap enrollment online, please do so immediately. You can register at www.tcss.net. We will post our registration information to the website as well as social media outlets. We will not assess incoming students this year due to health and safety concerns. We will only be collecting the necessary paper documents.


We continue to work and prepare for the upcoming school year. Our flexibility and working together will continue to support Westwood through these unchartered waters. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for trusting the most dedicated educators you will find to your children’s success!



Michael Anne Jackson

Principal, Westwood Elementary

(205) 342-2666; majackson@tcss.net