5-11 Senior Announcment

Virtual Graduation

Virtual Graduation Ceremony Guidelines

Hello Seniors,

I hope all is well with each of you and you are staying safe.  The administration, faculty, and staff are so proud of you and your accomplishments.  We have no doubts that you all are going to have great futures ahead of you.  Please see below the timeframe for you to come to the school to do your recording for the Virtual Graduation Ceremony.  If you need to pick up your cap & gown from Jostens, please contact Scott Moore at 205-233-1945 to set up a time.  If you did not pick up your stole or cord from the school, you will get it on the day of your recording.

On your scheduled day and time to report to the school’s gym, you will remain in your vehicle until a staff member lets you know to come into the building. All seniors should already be dressed in their cap and gown or professional clothing.  No one will be allowed to accompany you into the school. After you receive your diploma and complete your recording, it is important to leave the building and campus quickly, to help us maintain necessary social distancing.

For any students who are taking the AP Macro Exam on May 21 and you are scheduled to do your recording on May 21, you may come on May 20 at 4:00 pm to do your recording.  Unfortunately, we must follow the schedule below unless you have a doctor’s excuse.  If so, you will come at 4:00 pm on May 20, or 3:00 pm on May 21, and you must present the doctor’s excuse.

The following are the times to report to TCHS gym’s south parking lot if your last name falls within the corresponding letter or last names. Ex: Last name Crater – your will come on May 20 at the 11 am timeframe.  We need everyone to arrive 10 minutes early.


May 20, 2020

May 21, 2020


10 am – 11 am:     A – Bur


10 am – 11 am:     Levy – G. Minor


11 am – 12 pm:     Bush – E. Davis


11 am – 12 pm:     J. Minor - Reed


1 pm – 2 pm:          J. Davis - Gowdy


1 pm – 2 pm:          Reese – R. Smith


2 pm – 3 pm:          Grammer - Hun


2 pm – 3 pm:          Sp - Wed


3 pm – 4 pm:           Hut - Leverette


3 pm – 4 pm:           Wel – Z


4 pm:  Approved recordings only


3 pm: Approved recordings if not Wel - Z