Schedule Pick Up

Schedule Pick Up

Dates and Times

9th Grade-August 2nd: 4PM-7PM

10th Grade-August 3rd: 1-4PM

11th & 12th Grades-August 3rd: 8-11:30AM


Parents, we are excited to see all of our students August 12th. If you are coming to pick up your child’s schedule August 2nd or 3rd, please see the following directions on where to enter the building.  We will not have a formal meeting during schedule pick up.


Best Option: You have completed InfoSnap and paid your child’s fees online. Please have a digital or hard copy receipt. Enter through the front doors and proceed directly to the library for his or her schedule. Once you have your child’s schedule, you may walk the schedule or register for parking. Lockers will be given during lunch beginning August 16th. If you already have a schedule, you may come and walk the building during schedule pick up times.


Good Option: You have completed InfoSnap registration but not paid for student fees. Enter through the south parking lot awning doors next to the gym. You will be directed to get a copy of your child’s fees and then will pay in either the multimedia room with a credit card or in the library with cash or check.  


Option 1: If you have not registered, enter through the front doors and turn right and follow the signs to the English Computer Lab to complete InfoSnap Registration first. You will then be directed to the fee sheet station to pay your child’s fees. Once you have paid for your child’s fees you will get a copy of his or her schedule.

If you complete InfoSnap and pay your child's fees online using MySchoolFees, you will not need to come to the school for schedule pick-up. An email of your child's schedule will be sent to the email used to pay in MySchoolFees.

Any student who needs a schedule change will need to get a form from his or her first block teacher on the first day of school.