WOW 2.0

WOW 2.0

Designed for high school juniors and seniors, WOW 2.0 allows young adults to engage with employers and colleges, even interviewing for part-time and full-time jobs. Held at Shelton State Community College, WOW 2.0 continues a student’s future, whether they choose college or career after graduation. Registration by Feb. 19 is required.

Tuesday, April 7th

High school seniors and post-secondary students will participate in scheduled interviews with business and industry. Students must register individually to attend and guarantee an interview; each student is guaranteed one interview. A human resources panel of business professionals will view your application (the form below) and determine who will interview you. This day is only for seniors who are interested in interviewing for full- or part-time employment following high school graduation. It is not for those interested in a mock interview. Schools will be assigned times. 

Wednesday, April 8th

Juniors will have the opportunity to meet with post-secondary schools and industries. Seniors who have not decided on a college plan are also able to attend, but they must register using the junior link. This event is an excellent opportunity for students to explore the high growth, high demand jobs available in West Alabama and will be able to speak with post-secondary schools, as well as meet with industry-professionals in a job fair setting.