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  • Weekly Outlook (March 4 - March 8)

    Monday (Mar 4) - last Symphonic Band after school rehearsal before Music Performance Assessment.

    Tuesday (Mar 5) - Wind Ensemble goes to Music Performance Assessment. Check itineraries tab for more details.

    Wednesday (Mar 6) - Symphonic Band goes to Music Performance Assessment. Leaving school at 9:30am, performing at 11am, returning to school at approximately 1:30pm.

    Thursday (Mar 7) - Spring Trip Band rehearsal after school 3:15pm-5pm.

    Friday (Mar 8) - nothing after school.

  • General Announcements/Reminders:

    • Congratulations to our students who qualified for Allstate!
      • Allstate qualifiers: Parker Kellum, Lilly Tanner, and Thomas Long
    • Please click on the "Calendar" tab to see all future dates. Dates for all the way to next band camp are already on the "Calendar" tab.
    • All-State music is up now! Please click HERE for the high school requirements. We have physical copies of the music, upon request! 


    Band Class Schedule for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

    1st Block - Wind Ensemble (listed as "Orchestra" on PowerSchools)

    2nd Block - Symphonic Band (listed as "Inst. Cham. Ens." on PowerSchools)

    3rd Block - Concert Band (listed as "Inst. Cham. Ens. - Concert Band" on PowerSchools)

    4th Block - Percussion Ensemble (listed as "Percussion" on PowerSchools)

    •the word "Lab" at the end of the PowerSchool titles listed above refers to the class during the spring semester.

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